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Tips on everything please, like difficult match ups, how should I manage the wave and when to use ultimate. I have looked at guides, but it's. whenever I use lux (4 times so far, lost every game xD) I find that her damage output with E is nothing more then a scratch on even squishy  Why Should I play Lux. Tips on everything please, like difficult match ups, how should I manage the wave and when to use ultimate. I have looked at guides, but it's. So please, before initiating, going aggressive on you laner or roaming ward the map. G Pad 7 LTE v G Pad 8 v G Pad 8. Do not post without reading!!! We're increasing you're ability power and play lux pen so you can deal more damage, the potions are always usefull, and wards Once you hit a Q, you can E and deal slows and damage to the enemy. If not wash, rinse, repeat. I like to test the waters when I first get to lane and see if my opponent is going to play passive and try to farm or if they are going to be aggressive. If you want more stuff I could write more but I guess you know the basics like stay in the back of teamfights, abuse flash player chrome install range, build athenes if enemy is ap or morello if he is ad, etc If you miss, most of you time you can leave it as a zoning tool. Hope that these tips can prove usefull. Should be obtained as 4th item or so. Rules - Click here! Once you have that to level 5, powerlevel Play lux Bindingthen finish off Prismatic Barrier. You have to lead enemies a lot to hit them at max range, so it's better to save it until you're close easier to hit as it's super quick to cast. Silver V Guide to Lux Support: Dorans ring Sorc shoes Deathcap Beyond those 2 it gets into being based on the other team's comp. Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it. Hi everyone, just bought lux and i need a little guide about building Lux,iam in love with her LASER! Replies to top level comments must not derail serious discussions. This is an archived post. play lux

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ELEMENTALIST LUX MID GAMEPLAY - League of Legends No Commentary Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas Secondly, I'm not sure what summoners you take but I almost never take ignite on lux. This root is very good in midlane, where many champions depend on moving around to cast abilities. Absolutely no elo shaming is allowed. You also function as an ass-saver. If they are a mid that can push just as hard as you then you will probably want to kill them first before ganking as a failed gank in this situation will probably mean you missing a lot of xp and cs. Summoner Abilities Summoner abilities depend partly on your runes. However, Lux has a lot of CC in her spells, allowing her to land dmg quickly and easily. MOBAFire is free and advertising supported. Fourth, your combo is very fluid and easy to use once you start landing your Q's. Her W is her wand that shoots out, then returns. All text shared under a Creative Commons License.